Andy Mulligan Biography

Andy Mulligan is one famous author, mostly for his book Trash which is an amazing book.

Andy Mulligan grew up in London and well educated at Oxford University. He worked at a theatre in London for 10 years before travelling to Asia where he got inspired to be a teacher for uneducated children, he taught at India, Brazil, Vietnam, the Philippines and the UK.

When he was teaching he taught English and drama which was a good job to start writing books, because English would help him with vocabulary and the drama would help him with action and things like that.

Chain Story


I was so anxious about what was going to happen next I hate it so much, it’s one of things that is riling but there is one good thing about it and that’s the only reason I’m going. Although I do want to run away so I don’t go to the zoo. But then I did. I ran very quickly and snuck into the zoo I felt so happy but anxious that I have run away from my Mum and Dad then it was silent then I felt a bit lonely and scared with all the lions surrounding me. I just fit through the metal bars and found my Mummy and Daddy I was so passionate that I found them because I was so tense that I had found my Mummy and Daddy that I fainted. Then I woke up on the side of the road with a hobo that had been nibbling on my nose now it feels like a soft banana. I was thinking what the heck is he doing he must be very starving so I ran to Fiji and into a lake then I realised that the great Fijian lake monster lived in there and he ate me and I died.


Definition: A chain story is where you get a group of people and someone starts off a story and then when you are done you hand it onto the next person and then they read the start and then they go on. You are aloud to make the story as ridiculous as you want. I recommend you should give  it a try!


Weekly Reflection

This week there were not as many different things so i am just going to talk about inter school sports, inter school sports is on Friday and what you have to do is sign up for either football,netball or softball this week i signed up for softball. This week we played St Patrick’s and we won, everyone in my team played really well.

Blog Response- Home And Away (book

This book is about a family that starts of like any other family. There are three children a Mum and a Dad. Then on the next page, everything goes dark and red and looks all gory and the only word on that page is “the war starts”.

After that everything goes wrong and they became very desperate for food. One night the Dad brought home a possum and they had to eat that. After that they get on a boat and leave. One of the weirdest things is that it looks like Australia that is under attack and we are the ones that are seeking new life, even though right now we are the country that others seek.

I would recommend reading this book because it is easy to connect with and a great author.


My Zombie Story

Rrrr as the front door creaks open. I am upstairs. My parents are going out for their anniversary and my babysitter has just left. I can hear multiple footsteps coming upstairs. I can hear men chattering, there is only one way out. I’m going to hide in the bathroom and when they pass when I’ll run downstairs. I scurry into the bathroom but when the men go pass I hear “brains”. That spooks me. Anyway I run downstairs and get out of the house “PHEW” I say.

I bolt to the neighbours. I knock, I hear footsteps getting louder. The door handle turns. It opens. “ZOMBIES” I quickly run and get my bike at my house and start to ride to where my parents would be coming back. I have been riding for ages and by now everyone in my street would be infected. I see lights in the distance. It looks like my parents car. I ride as fast as I can towards it. I arrive at the car. It is my parents, I say “there’s zombies in our street” they say “we told you not to leave the house and stop lying”.

We keep on driving I am getting more anxious. As we get closer Dad pulls out the front of our house he walks inside and sees a zombie eating our food. He is so alarmed; he runs out to the car and started to drive away. He looks behind our car and there are hundreds and hundreds of zombies coming after us. He has a plan. He is going to go to the local police station and ask for help.

We arrive at the police station and tells them everything. They didn’t believe us until a zombie comes up to the door although he shot him dead. The sheriff says he will get the best scientist in the state, this scientist will attempt to make a cure and all the zombies will turn back into normal humans.

The policeman searches high and low for the best scientist. They finally find one. His name is professor how how.

He is well known for his smartness in making cures so he’s the perfect man for the job. So we set up the perfect lab for professor how how so the job would be done quicker. He gets to work; he says “this cure will be very easy”. He finished in two days.

Professor how how decides to spread the cure by putting it in the air so the zombies breath it in the good thing is that it will not affect the humans. He sprays just one little bit in the air and all of a sudden they turn back to normal although a side effect of the cure is they forget everything that happened but I guess that is good. So everybody returned to their normal lives.


My Ballad

There once was a green mango,
He loved the application fango,
He always practiced the tango,
On the weekend he watched the movie Django,

He also loved parties,
His favourite thing to eat is smarties,
And on the holidays he went to marties.

RE Homework

I believe that my Mum show generosity by taking me to all my sports while she could be doing what ever she wants. she also shows kindness for helping me wiith my HOMEWORK and always being nice, last but not least my Mum shows gentleness because she is one of the most caring people i have ever met.

Weekly Post

This week was an amazing one because i got to play netball, in netball we did really well and ended up winning every game so we got into the next stage. for winning we got to keep a shield for 12 months and St Therese gets engraved on it, then next year we will give it back and the next people that win it will get it. also i had my confirmation which was really good because i did everything right. Overall this week was one busy but AMAZING week.

My Micheal Jordan report


This is Michael Jordan one of the greatest Basketball players of all time. He is well known for his dunks. Some dunks are from the free-throw line and some are just out of this world. In his first year Jordan was going to make it to the USA Olympic team but a player named Isiah Thomas said “ no he is not good enough.” So he didn’t make it to the team, but eventually Jordan got better than Thomas. These two players were enemies at the time. The NBA said that the USA team would include Jordan and Thomas and since they were enemies and Jordan was better than Thomas, Jordan finally got his revenge saying “ I don’t want Thomas playing.” Thomas missed the team and Jordan and Thomas are still enemies up to this day.